2 Weeks after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

This is 2 weeks after the Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Make sure to watch the next videos. She did a great job!

Gastric Sleeve 5 Month Post Op

Make sure to watch the full transformation. Amazing what the gastric sleeve can do!

6.5 months Post Gastric Sleeve Surgery

To watch all your videos is inspiring. Great work. Folks make sure to watch all her vids!

8 Month Post Op Gastric Sleeve Surgery PART 1

You did a great job!

Gastric Sleeve Video Testimonials

You are so beautiful! Congrats on the weight loss!

85 pounds in 9 Months

Looking great!

Child Has Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Wow I wasn’t sure a child would have the Gastric Sleeve Surgery, but it seems this has saved her life. Please keep up the health habits!

Before and After Pics of Gastric Sleeve

Another Gastric Sleeve success! Great work you can really see the difference. You have a beautiful face!

3 Month Gastric Sleeve Before and Afters

You are doing great for 14 weeks wow! You look great! 70lbs from gastric sleeve surgery. Amazing!

Amazing Gastric Sleeve Pictures

It is almost like a whole new life right? The gastric sleeve is changing lives everyday!